New Patients

Prepare for your appointment by following these steps:

- Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time for registration, confirmation of insurance coverage, and for completing forms related to your visit. If you have already completed the necessary forms please present them to the front office staff upon your arrival. On your first visit to NNS, we will ask for your insurance card(s) and picture identification (ex: driver’s license, military id).

- Expect to complete a medical history and registration form for each visit. Please complete these forms in detail and confirm the accuracy of the information. At each visit, you will be asked to update information such as telephone number, address, insurance information, primary physician, referring physician, and contact information. These may have changed since your last visit to NNS.

- Please bring a detailed list of your current medications including their dosages. If possible, please bring your medications in their original bottles to verify their use, administration, dosage, and prescribing physician information. It is also important that you list any vitamin and herbal supplements that you are taking.

- Please bring your insurance card(s) to each visit so that NNS can verify ongoing benefits and coverage, and to determine if any co-pays or pre-certifications are required by your carrier.

Every effort will be made to arrange for your x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and lab test results to be delivered or faxed to NNS prior to your appointment. You may, however, be asked to bring these with you to avoid any potential delay in scheduling your appointment. NNS physicians review these studies directly, in conjunction with the written report, to assist in their assessment and treatment recommendations.

Although we make every effort to see you at your scheduled time, please understand that unanticipated delays can occur. As we respect your time as well, you will be informed promptly of any significant waiting time to give you the option of rescheduling, or continuing to wait.

Insurance Information

Northwest NeuroSpecialists will be happy to assist you in the filing of your claim, and we will automatically bill your primary insurance. We accept assignment of all Medicare patients. If you furnish us the information, we will also bill your secondary or supplemental insurance.

- It is very important for you to bring your current insurance card(s) each visit and to inform us if there has been any change in your insurance coverage or in your address.

- As changes may occur in the plans that we accept, please verify our acceptance at the time you make an appointment. Call (520) 742-7890 or (800) 637-4567 for more information on the insurance plans that NNS is contracted with.

Currently Accepted Insurance

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (All plans except BCBS Secure)
  • United Healthcare (All plans except Marketplace Plans/Compass/Navigate and Medicare Advantage West Plan)
  • Medicare
  • HealthNet (All plans except Market Place Plans, and Ruby Select effective 7/1/17)
  • Cigna (All plans except Market Place Plans)
  • Humana (All plans except HumanaX)
  • Tricare
  • Most Secondary Plans

Benefits and eligibility

Although we will bill your insurance, full payment is the patient’s responsibility. We will make every effort to verify your coverage prior to your appointment, yet we cannot guarantee coverage of services by your insurance company. To determine your insurance benefits and eligibility, please contact your insurance carrier directly. Note that you are ultimately responsible for payment for all services that are not covered by your insurance plan. Any patient balance after insurance is normally due within 30 days but we are able to set up a payment plans with no interest or late charges for outstanding accounts. We request that co-payments for office services are payable at the time they are rendered unless prior arrangements have been made.

Self pay patients

If you are a self-pay patient (if you plan to pay without the use of insurance) we will work with you to determine an appropriate payment schedule. Please call our Patient Account Specialist at (520) 742-7890 or (800) 637-4567 to discuss your individual situation.

To learn more about our insurance and billing policies please download the following document: Insurance and Billing

Renewing Prescriptions

NNS will only refill prescription medications which were originally prescribed by your Northwest NeuroSpecialist physician.

- Please plan ahead your need with prescription medications. Prescription medication refill requests will not be processed on weekends or after normal office hours.

- For prescription refills, please contact your pharmacy at least 3 days prior to running out of your medication.

- For narcotic prescriptions which must be handwritten, please allow at least 3 business days for these requests to be completed.

If you have any questions on your prescription, please contact our office at (520) 742- 7890 or (800) 637-4567 during normal business hours, Monday – Friday.

Partnership for Prescription information

Retrieving Test Results

Our practice will make every effort to communicate all test results to our patients. Over the years, we have learned that patients will sometimes reschedule their test appointments and on occasion, the test location will also change. For this reason, we ask that you please call our office 2 -3 days after you have had all your testing (scans, labs and other studies) completed. This lets us know that you have had the testing completed; that we may need to request the films and/or report from the appropriate location and we need to inform you of the results.

Call us at (520) 742- 7890 or (800) 637-4567 during normal business hours, Monday – Friday.

Prepare for Surgery

Your physican will have a detailed conversation with you regarding preparation for your surgery. The following list is not a comprehensive guide to preparing for your surgery, but is meant to serve as a reference.

Please bring with you on the day of surgery to Northwest Medical Center or Northwest Tucson Surgery Center the following items:

- Current list of all prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and herbal supplements along with quantities and when you take them during the day.

- Current list of any allergies and the type of reactions you have had.

- All your insurance cards and a picture I.D. such as a driver’s license.

- Be prepared that the Hospital or Surgery Center may ask for upfront payment of your deductible, co-insurance and/or copayments.

- If applicable, bring with you a copy of your living will, or be prepared to provide a written statement where a copy can be obtained.

- If applicable, bring with you a copy of your power of attorney if someone else is designated to sign on your behalf.

- Plan to have someone at home for 24 hours following your surgery.

Download this Checklist

Insurance and billing information for surgery patients

Insurance and Billing