Expert Team of Neurologists in Tucson

The team of neuro-specialists at NNS includes some of these highly trained, talented and experienced Tucson doctors:

Our Neurologists / Advanced Practitioners

Our team of Neurological specialists includes Sarah E. Sullivan, DO, a board certified practitioner from the American Osteopathic Board of Neurology and Psychiatry. She takes special interest in Stroke, Parkinson's disease and Peripheral Neuropathy.

William Holder, FNP-C is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and holds a Neuroscience Certification from the American Board of Neuroscience Nursing. You can be sure he's one of the best neurology trained nurse practitioners in Tucson.

Our Neurological Surgeons / Advanced Practitioners

Our team of highly experienced Neurological surgeons includes Richard V. Chua, Timothy K. Putty and Thomas B. Scully.

Our specialists and doctors in Tucson will address concerns such as degenerative spine disease, spinal vascular malformations and more, and offer surgical solutions as well as motion preservation techniques, minimally invasive surgery and tumor management.

Get in touch to know more about the range of neurology treatments. Visit us in person at Northwest NeuroSpecialists or call us at 520-742-7890 or 800-637-4567 to make an appointment with one of our neurological specialists.